Biocalth Calcium L Threonate supplements

Q. What is BioCalth®?
A. BioCalth® is scientifically proven, patented product.  Research conducted indicates that the daily consumption of Biocalth® is associated with an increase in bone health parameters.

Q. How is BioCalth® different from other calcium products on the market?
A. BioCalth® has been scientifically shown to be more readily absorbed from the stomach through the wall of the intestine. In addition, BioCalth® delivers calcium more effectively to the bone where it stimulates the cells specialised to form bone (osteoblasts) and cartilage.

Q. What is BioCalth® made of?
A. BioCalth® is the result of combining two naturally occurring nutrients: L-threonate which is formed during the breakdown of vitamin C and calcium. The result of this combination is BioCalth®, the scientific name for which is calcium L-threonate.

Q. What causes bones and joints to degenerate?
A. There are a number of factors which affect the state of our bones and joints, for example the adequacy (or inadequacy) of our calcium and vitamin d intake, our age, the level of exercise we habitually take, trauma, disease, body weight etc.

Q. What will I typically notice when I first start taking BioCalth® on a daily basis?
A. Due to the relatively high bioavailability of BioCalth®, the effects are generally experienced within the first few weeks.

Q. I currently take medication. Will BioCalth® interfere with any prescribed drugs?
A. When thinking of using any supplement, it is always advised that you consult your own GP, pharmacist or health practitioner first.

Q. Some calcium products have made me constipated. Can BioCalth® create this type of problem?
A. Constipation resulting from the regular use of alternative calcium supplements is the result of poor absorption, which results in an accumulation of calcium in the stools. BioCalth®, either in granular or tablet form is particularly bio available and as such is less likely to result in constipation.

Q. I am vegetarian. Is it okay for me to use BioCalth®?
A. Yes. BioCalth® is suitable for vegetarians. It is also free from sugar, dairy, gluten, wheat, soy and preservatives.

Q. Why is there no Vitamin D in BioCalth®?
A. Vitamin D is typically used in combination with calcium to help with uptake. However, due to the relatively high absorption of BioCalth®, Vitamin D is not necessary.

Q. What is the function of L- threonate and its role in BioCalth®?
A. L-threonate is a vehicle important in the carriage of calcium. As a result of the nature of the nutrient, it is easily recognised by the body and therefore is easily accessed and utilised. More importantly, L-threonate is directly involved in the process of bone formation by stimulating the activity of osteoblasts.